Message to Patients: Dr H Van’t Hoff

I am writing to let you know of the changes afoot at the surgery. Many of you will have heard a rumour that I am leaving. As with most rumours there is some truth in this. From the beginning of March I will no longer be a partner at the practice but will make occasional appearances.

I have decided to reduce my commitment to the surgery and devote more time on my educational work with Facts4Life which has been a constant part of my working life for as long as I have been a GP, painting and travelling (maybe not the latter after all). I want to remain a part of Regent Street Surgery. Whilst it’s not set in stone, we feel it’s likely I will cover absences, holiday periods and continue joint injections (possibly as a monthly clinic).

I may also work locally with our partner surgery in Frampton. I’ve really enjoyed my time working with a team I feel very close to in spirit and which works better together than any I have worked with previously. I’m sure they will continue to achieve the high standards we have always strived for.

Dr H Van’t Hoff